Urban Forestry? What is it?

Large Oak tree Located at 312 West Union st. in Morganton NC. The homeowner stated that she can remember this tree being planted some 88 years ago. Limbwalkers tree & Crane service performing deadwood operation on this massive tree. 

Large Oak tree Located at 312 West Union st. in Morganton NC. The homeowner stated that she can remember this tree being planted some 88 years ago. Limbwalkers tree & Crane service performing deadwood operation on this massive tree. 

Urban Forestry is not a term that many are used to hearing some of you may have never even heard of the term "Urban Forestry". Urban forestry is the preservation that of trees that we have in our city's, Beside our Sidewalks, our front or back yards or even trees that are being planted today. 

The Large tree's that are located here in Morganton NC have history to many people and it's important that we do everything in our power to preserve the heritage and history of these enormous trees. Limbwalkers Tree & Crane in Morganton NC was on a job this week with a homeowner who was in her late 80's who told an awesome story of how the oak and elm tree's located around her home were planted some 88 years ago. She stated that she can remember the man coming to plant the trees when she was a young girl and that was one of her fondest memories of her father. And here at limbwalkers tree & Crane Service we believe that these memories are important to preserve and pass on for generations. Henceforth come's the term Urban forestry and what do we do about it in todays times when develpment and economic growth are happening all around us here in Morganton NC.

So comes the question what does urban forestry do to help protect, preserve and prolong these bueatifull tree's? Here at limbwalkers Tree & Crane Service we believe that these are 4 important points!!

 1. Help from local governement to help support urban forestry practices.

  • Plant/Replace dying tree in our parks. Catawba Meadows Park here in Morganton NC is a great example of Urban forestry. As a young child i can often remember seeing folks harvesting the pine cones under the large pine trees. Throughout the years those large pine trees have began to dwindle away by age/disease etc. and the City of Morganton has done a great job in trying to replace them as they have been removed. Stumps have been ground out to help with insects that would eventually damage the new trees and the debris from the old growth pines has been hauled away to help with disease and pine beetles spreading to currently healthy trees. 
  • Studies also show that urban forestry has an affect on economic growth referring to them issue of the  Tree Care Industry magazine it is stated that Green-industry wages have a multiplier effect in the community economy!! It also states that for every green-infrastructure job created that within a year nearly to more jobs are created throughout the local economy. This could be very substantial to the urban forestry environment here in Morganton NC.

2. Help with Tree preservation from Local tree care companies!

  • This is a tough but yet important section of urban forestry. All tree care companies enjoy a tough and challenging take down from these large trees!! However it will take a change of mindset from tree company owners in order to start making a large change. Tree Company owners are going to have to increase their knowledge of the urban forestry environment so that it can be passed on to the client. Instead of removing these large trees we must do what we can to educate the client about what could be done to help preserve or prolong the life of some these large trees.  

3. Help from you!!!!

  • Yes, You!!! What does urban forestry have to do with ME? As a client of a tree care company you ultimately have the last call in what is the destiny of the tree surrounding your home. As a client looking for a tree care company you should look for a company who is not all about removing trees but a company that stands strong in Tree preservation. A company that is reputable, knowledgeable, and believes in urban forestry practices. As a Tree Care owner that promotes urban forestry I understand that not all tree's can be saved and not all trees will live a long life. But many of the clients that we encounter have not been educated on what can be done to help preserve their tree. Maybe it needs a insecticide treatment, fertilization, deadwooding, or simply a cabling system installed to help preserve the tree for a longer period of time. The best part is that all of these practices are generally marginal in comparison to the the expense that it would cost to remove the tree.

4. What happens if my large tree must be removed!!!

  • Here at limbwalkers Tree & Crane Service we are proud that we have a partnership with Tree Cycle America. Tree cycle is a organization that is helping to ensure that wood from these old growth trees is not wasted but yet preserved and a timeline is placed with the tree so that a future customer that by's a piece of furniture ETC. can trace this tree back to it's roots. It is treated by a small stamp that is placed on a finished piece of furniture or artwork. Here are some photos of some large trees that were placed in the program by Limbwalkers Tree & Crane Service. Our logs are taken to Oak Hill Iron located in Morganton NC which is part to the tree cycle program. Where they are transformed into furniture or works of art!! Feel Free to Check our their site at www.oakhilliron.com or www.treecycleamerica.com 


In Conclusion I hope that this short passage has helped inform you of urban forestry or better yet has helped you make a decision on where you stand with this topic. Urban forestry conferences are held regularly throughout the state and are generally low cost if any reader is intereseted in learning more about this subject.  Here at limbwalkers Tree & Crane service we are proud that we promote urban forestry practices and we hope that if you choose us for all of your tree service needs..

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